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We are proud to present Way of the Dragon. A line made in collaboration between Vintage Vapors and Mountain Oak Vapors of Tennessee. This line brings two of the oldest, largest, and most well respected e-liquid manufacturers in the south together for the very first time. Want to know what it means to be a PREMIUM TENNESSSEE LIQUID? Look no further than Way of the Dragon.

30ml bottles for £12.99

White lotus is a velvety blend of tropical fruits and cream that will leave you floating in an island breeze. This line of e-liquid was produced in collaboration between Vintage Vapors and Mountain Oak Vapors. We have come together to bring you the quality and knowledge from two great e-liquid companies.

Satori is a creamy cinnamon crunch that will have you craving more long after breakfast is over. This line of e-liquid was produced in collaboration between Vintage Vapors and Mountain Oak Vapors. We have come together to bring you the quality and knowledge from two great e-liquid companies.

Ryuu is a delicious banana cream pie with a peanut butter complement that leaves your taste buds wanting more. This line of e-liquid was produced in collaboration between Vintage Vapors and Mountain Oak Vapors. We have come together to bring you the quality and knowledge from two great e-liquid companies.

Chakra is a Creamy mocha with a cinnamon finish and subtle hints of cookie to round this juice into something spectacular. This line of e-liquid was produced in collaboration between Vintage Vapors and Mountain Oak Vapors.






Aphrodite comforts with flavour. Sweet warm organic cookie dough flavour skilfully blended with fluffy vanilla cream and a smooth maple finish. Aphrodite is the comfort vape we have all been looking for

Hades burns with flavour. A less than traditional take on a classic Fire & Ice E-Liquid. Hades combines extremely small doses of red hotted goodness with a hint of organic mint extract and a smooth vanilla cream finish. Nobody has done it like this before!

Poseidon bursts with flavour. An amazingly refreshing organic lemon lime citrus with rich, fluffy coconut. Unique, Sophisticated and refreshing, an instant classic.

Apollo shines with flavor. Delicious, bright and authentic Mandarin Orange flavor smothered by a smooth and sweet vanilla cream. Apollo is both refreshing, sweet and tastefully done.

Athena screams with flavor. This is an extremely sopisticated Tobacco flavor that ages like a fine wine. Designed to please the enthusiast vaper, this is not your traditional tobacco. Robust flavor that is both nutty and sweet but never disappointing.

Persephone blooms with flavor. Unique and Sophisticated is the center of Mythos: Nectar of the Gods, and this may be the master piece. We combine organic pear and sweet cantaloupe flavor with slices of red apple and top it off with a touch of whipped vanilla cream. One of the most unique flavors in the line up, Persephone raises the bar

United states of vape eliquids are available in 10ml bottles and in various nicotine strengths. 40/60 pg/vg and just £4.99

United Kingdom of vape eliquids are available in 10ml bottles and in various nicotine strengths. 40/60 pg/vg and just £4.99


A secret recipe that can only be described as the daddy of all day vapes.

A fruity undertone and a cool crystal after sensation that will leave you wondering what it is and wanting more.

10ml - 60/40pg/vg -  3/6/12mg - £3.99

30ml - 70/30vg/pg - £9.99


A flavour that will want all you fruity vapers wondering why we didn’t make this sooner.

A mouth watering fruit explosion on your taste buds is about to erupt!

10ml - 60/40pg/vg -  3/6/12mg - £3.99

30ml - 70/30vg/pg - £9.99


This Bat Juice eliquid is a secret recipe that's full of fruity berries. The cool and fruity aftertaste is truly incredible

10ml - 60/40pg/vg -  3/6/12mg - £3.99


A mixture of red berries & fruits with a menthol twist

10ml - 60/40pg/vg -  3/6/12mg - £3.99


A perfect sweet treat with a retro flavour. It is advised you use a glass tank!

10ml - 60/40pg/vg -  3/6/12mg - £3.99


A twist on the mixed berry juice - vimto, fruity & delicious - tastes nothing like a vampire’s toe!

10ml - 60/40pg/vg -  3/6/12mg - £3.99

Caddy is a sweet fruity strawberry with a creamy custard finish, perfect for dessert & custard lovers.




Grizzly is a sweet strawberry treat with a hint of red liquorice, just like the red laces, to make the grizzliest grumpy bear mellow into a cute, fluffy teddy bear.




Home Run is inspired by American fruity circle type breakfast treats, it’s a cereal killer of a flavour with a smooth finish.




Liberty is a classic New Yorker’s deli style Vanilla Cheesecake topped with a Lemon Zing, rich & creamy with a citrus finish.




Sure Shot is an American style candy flavour with a fizzy sherbet twist, perfect for those sugar junkies who don’t want a visit from the tooth fairy!




Indulge on this deliciously sweet baked strawberry doughnut with none of the caleries – guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth.

Fresh, flaky, bakery fresh donuts combine with just a hint of sweet, succulent strawberry glaze. This vape is truly a doozie!







50% VG / 50% PG

10ml £4.99

40ml glass skull bottle £19.99

Fresh apples slow cooked in a maple syrup style base provide a full bodied depth of flavour,  the mix is balanced with a complex blend of savoury textures that will leave you pillaging for more.

This well-balanced taste of smooth, creamy and rich peanut butter and banana cream is accompanied by a subtle hint of velvety chocolate which is discovered when vaping at the lower end of the ohms spectrum.

A full bodied fruit flavoured vape that will sway any man back from battle.  Cannon fodder is a complex blend of various fruits which mingle in with our thick creamy cheesecake base.  A champion vape!

Oh did we wait patiently for this juice!  A tantalising blend of kiwi’s, apples and mango dance on the palate, a background zest of lime provides a refreshing citrus kick to liven up the party.

Looking for something a little different?  Polly’s plunder is a smooth and creamy blend infused with subtle notes of dragon fruit, tangerine and tropical berries.

A strong creamy custard base with lashings of rich caramel and a fruity kiss of banana will leave you longing for more.  It took a team of our most persuasive sea dogs and several kegs of rum to get our Captain drunk enough to share his treasured recipe.  Make the Captain’s your all day vape now and discover what all the fuss was about!

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California, One Hit Wonder eLiquid contains only the finest ingredients including TruNic 100% USA Grown AND Extracted Liquid Nicotine. We wanted to produce the highest quality e-liquid possible at the absolute lowest price to the consumer.


A Unique Blend of Sweet Apples and Warm Cinnamon Muffin. The Muffin Man E-Liquid has a robust Apple Flavor on the Inhale followed by Sweet undertones of Warm Muffin

NEW! A delectable blend of strawberry fruit and cream. Milk Man E-Liquid has notes of uniquely refreshing milk cream on the Inhale followed by subtly sweet undertones of fresh strawberries that builds over the course of each vape

Balancing a lightly tart Greek yogurt, fresh mountain blueberries & savory granola: Rocket Man is a harmonious blend without equal in the yogurt world. From the subtle sweet tartness of the inhale to the palate-cleansing exhale, get ready for a flavor that’s out of this world! Enjoy the ride!

Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate. Today, the rich flavors we all love have been expertly blended into a smooth but complex vape that dances on your tongue with different complementing notes from each puff. The surge of nostalgia will leave you looking up and simply saying… My Man!

With a delicious combination of marshmallow cereal sitting atop a freshly baked glazed donut, Police Man is ready for duty

Roswell, from Alien Vape is an Extra Terrestrial vaping experience inspired by the mysterious events at Roswell, New Mexico. Vape witness accounts have indicated an intergalactic super nova of peaches, pomegranate, kiwi, and citrus with a high VG oxygen composition on Earth, resulting in the (UFO) Unbelievably Fruity Object experience.


NICOTINE LEVELS: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg


Cherrosity Eliquid

Cool down the sweet blossom of the tree, a touch of velvet I'm sure you'll agree.

"Need we explain? Not telling the names, the aim of the game, is to use your brain..."

Lemonada Eliquid

Red berries turn pink, blend with tart, refreshment no drink, deep in your heart.

"Need we explain? Not telling the names, the aim of the game, is to use your brain..."

Skitts Eliquid

The rainbow you seek, a desirable treat, mellow yet unique, clouds so sweet.

"Need we explain? Not telling the names, the aim of the game, is to use your brain..."






Pancake Man E-liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics is 60ml of fluffy Pancakes with butter, topped with strawberry and whipped cream, drizzled with maple syrup!!

Each Box Contains:

*60ml bottle of Pancake Man e juice

*Two 30ml Unicorn bottles

*One Pancake Man 3 x 3 sticker

*One Pancake Man button

*One Pancake Man key chain



Mrs B’s Strawberry Jam delivers succulent sweet strawberries cooked for hours and lovingly preserved in Mrs B's kitchen. Strawberry Jam is an enticingly sweet vape that your tastebuds will want to spread on toast. No British summer is complete without a few generous helpings of strawberry jam. Mrs B happens to be something of specialist when it comes to this particular flavour, and this Strawberry Jam e-liquid is as sweet and juicy as you would expect, especially when it’s an e-liquid made by the talented Mrs B who is fast becoming famous for her top quality juices with a home-made flavour theme.

Mrs B's Strawberry Jam e-liquid is available in 10ml bottles with a blend ratio of 50/50 PG/VG.


Snap Liquid Peach Iced Tea - 30 ml

Get ready for a unique flavor explosion of green and black tea leaves infused with sweet rip peaches. Snap Peach Iced Tea has just the right amount sweetness, delivering a delicious taste of the favorite peach beverage that will refresh your mind and taste buds.

Snap Liquid Apple - 30 ml

Welcome the newest flavor to the Snap Liquids ejuice line, Apple Snap; a perfect combination of crisp tangy Granny Smith green apples with bright red Washington apples. The refreshing blend of sweet and sour apples is the perfect all day vape in a 30ml bottle.  

Bottle Size: 30 mL

Nicotine Level(s): 0,3,6 mg


Tiger Ice by Vampire Vape is another unique e-liquid flavour, this time blending traditional dessert flavours with a layer of refreshing mint. That e-juice favourite, vanilla custard, blends effortlessly with notes of toffee while the minty background provides an invigorating kick to take this juice to the next level.

You might feel like you have a Rainbow Skull too after vaping this citrus-themed e-liquid by Vampire Vape. Layers of orange are mixed with lemon, while notes of lime candy float in and out to create a zingy inhale, a tangy exhale and a sweet aftertaste.

Fantasy by Vampire Vape is many a menthol lover’s dream vape. Blending a mix of red berry flavours with that refreshing menthol hit, this special e-liquid takes menthol vaping to a entirely new level currently occupied only by itself. It’s unique, uplifting, and utterly delicious.

Dark Passenger by Vampire Vape features a succulent selection of sweet and fruit flavours beautifully blended together to create a vape with one hell of a kick. The aniseed background is punctuated by notes of liquorice, while layers of blackcurrant and zesty lemon weave in and out of each other, sometimes appearing on the inhale, sometimes on the exhale

King’s Fool by Vampire Vape is another fine example of how to create new and exciting menthol flavoured e-liquids. The ice menthol dominates this vape, but the layers of aniseed, gin & tonic, and crushed lemon are never far away and ensure this juice is one of the most interesting menthol vapes on the market.


A perfect blend of enhanced strawberry extract and four unique fresh creams creates this rare, unique and beautiful e-liquid.

A new cereal flavour from Cuttwood Vapor that will send you Cuckoo!

A trifecta of mango, cantaloupe, and papaya creates this delectable combination of refreshing tropical flavours

An expert balance of cinnamon bakery, meets sweet milky cream to create a very all day vapeable e-liquid that hits those breakfast cereal notes your taste buds crave.



PG/VG: 30/70



A decadent cream soda enriched with french vanilla that keeps you yearning for more. A purely delightful dessert brew that is a perfect all day vape for cream lovers everywhere.  


A mouthwatering mix of sweet strawberries complemented with fizz that will indulge every palate. A lush candy-like blend intended to satisfy on any occasion.


An exotic citrus fruit blend paired with bubbly soda pop. Reminiscent of your favorite lemon-lime soda. A sublime fusion of fizz and lemon lime to keep you cool on a hot day.

Gummy glu
Slotter pops

"?" is Lost Art Liquid's take on a mixed fruit taffy candy! It is a smooth blend of sweet that makes for the perfect #AllDayVape !

Imagine all of your favorite sweet and sour gummy candies thrown into a blender..and then transformed into E liquid!

An ice cold mixed berry popsicle flavor that will remind you of the hot summer days by the pool!

Cottontail cream



Unicorn puke

"Slam" In goes the enchanting crunchy cereal, sprinkled with fruits from fairies. "Dunk" in a splash of delicious creamy milk from the pool of miracles.



A tantalising potion from the heavens. Sweet, ripened strawberries plucked from the dreams of an angel, whisked to perfection with the creamiest milk from a thousand unicorns.




Thai Boba is here! Thai Boba uses a special combination of Thai tea leave extracts and mixes them with honey, sugar, tapioca pearls and milk.


A truly sweet and milky flavour with a real Mango hint throughout. It tastes just as good as it vapes.


A highly sought after e-liquid which we are sure won't disappoint. Boba milk tea with hints of jasmine tea that will leave you wanting more and more.


THE LOVER: Love is in the air with a refreshing trifecta of papaya, orange, and guava. Sweet and delicious, it's truly a perfect fusion of flavour you will fall in love with.

THE DRIFTER: is a blissful mix of succulent tangerines, delicious custard, velvety cream, and a hint of calming vanilla. It's fruity and savoury flavour will take you on a journey you will never forget.

THE SINNER: Only the best of both worlds, The Sinner combines two kinds of cooling mint with smooth robust tobacco for a wickedly exquisite mix of flavour unlike anything you've experienced before.

THE SEEKER: Embrace this enchanting blend of ripe winter pears and lightly toasted almonds, fused together in a sweet golden union. The Seeker will guide you to an enlightened sense of flavour.

THE LEGEND: A legendary classic tobacco blend, with an added dose of sweet caramel and a dash of soothing vanilla. The Legend will ride into the sunset and leave you craving for more.

THE DREAMER: The dreamer takes your flavour palate to new heights. Its entrancing strawberry blend with delicate peach and pineapple notes to sweeten up the deal make for a truly heavenly experience.



Mountain Oak Vapors is proud to present POM. A slice of pineapple, squeeze of orange, and a sliver of mango fuse together to make the best blend of tropical fruit and creamy yogurt you've ever experienced.

30ml £12.99

100ml £28.99